Impact for patients

Are you a patient with heart failure or a carer? Check how AI4HF can support your patient care journey!

The AI4HF project will enable patients and carers to play a more active role in their heart failure (HF) care journey.

Despite advances in cardiovascular care, HF continues to pose a big challenge to society. It is expected that the number of patients living with HF will continue to rise, and managing HF is complex – it has many causes and outcomes.

To address current challenges in HF care and management, the AI4HF project proposes an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to predict a patient’s risk of HF and provide personalised advice on medication, diet, exercise, pacemakers, and cardiac resynchronisation therapy.

This tool will provide new and easily-accessible information to patients on their HF risk and their options for therapies and health management, which will support more meaningful shared decision-making with their healthcare provider.

By identifying and addressing a patient’s HF risk early on, this tool can help improve patients’ quality of life and future health outcomes.

To ensure the tool meets patients’ needs and preferences, AI4HF will actively engage with patients in the design and development of the tool and will take steps to increase health and digital literacy as well as trust in the AI4HF tool amongst the public.


Are you a clinician? Check what AI4HF will bring you!

Current laws, regulations, and medical ethics are insufficient to frame AI-mediated care, and several aspects, such as inclusion, accountability, transparency, and fairness, still need to be ensured for clinicians to feel secure using AI tools.

In AI4HF, the AI solutions that will be implemented, continuously tested, and optimised aim to benefit a wide range of Heart Failure patients, including across sex/gender, age groups, and socio-economic levels.

The project’s results will include methods and guidelines to address systemic biases in training and calibration of AI algorithms, thus delivering non-discriminatory AI solutions for all citizens.

To ensure this, AI4HF is forming a multistakeholder group of experts to jointly discuss and develop fairer approaches and new methods.


Are you a researcher? What can you expect from AI4HF?

We are working around and promoting a code of practice for developing new scientific methods and multi-disciplinary approaches for trustworthy AI in healthcare based on the FUTUREAI guidelines.

While six EU-funded projects (EuCanImage, CHAIMELEON, INCISIVE, ProCancer-I, PRIMAGE, RadioVal) are already applying the FUTURE-AI guidelines in the field of oncology, AI4HF will demonstrate the framework for the first time in cardiology!

The AI4HF consortium firmly believes that providing the building blocks of trustworthy AI for HF risk assessment will not only benefit the researchers in cardiology, but also in other medical applications. The definition of evaluation criteria and metrics based on FUTURE-AI will promote community standards for AI validation studies.

We will reach out to other stakeholders and consortia to jointly discuss and develop common approaches and new methods, further extending the work already carried out by over 80 experts from all continents in the FUTURE-AI consortium.