AI4HF Model presented at 2024 Global Conference on Person-Centred Care in Gothenburg, Sweden

The AI4HF stakeholder engagement model was presented at the Global Conference on Person-Centred Care 2024, held from May 13 to 16 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Carina Dantas, CEO of SHINE 2Europe.

The conference served as a platform for exploring different perspectives of person-centred care across multiple interdisciplinary and interprofessional domains. These included integrated care, comprehensive care, and personalized health, all based on partnerships that go beyond traditional healthcare practices and organizations to influence policy and structural levels. It also provided valuable networking opportunities within a community dedicated to person-centred care that extended beyond the event itself.

Carina introduced the model employed in AI4HF, focusing on ethical assessment through social innovation and multi-stakeholder engagement to promote a more trustworthy AI. She integrated a panel alongside Sabine Valenta, Souzi Makri, and Stefan Nilsson, with Filipa Ventura moderating, titled Person-centered care in the digital era: models, measurements, and ethics.

The panel discussions underscored the growing importance of eHealth solutions in healthcare innovation, emphasizing their role in enhancing health outcomes while respecting individual values and preferences. These solutions must be trustworthy for both clinicians and patients and sustainable for the healthcare system. Presentations covered ethical aspects of person-centred care, digitalization in healthcare, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), and their alignment with the European Standard for Patient Involvement in Health Care (CEN/TC450).

The session saw a full house, unanimously recognizing the necessity of patient-centred care and multi-stakeholder engagement in digital health, marking a significant step towards a more inclusive society.