MUHAS/JKCI Local Clinical and Patient Working Group Engages Patients and Healthcare Workers in AI4HF Project

The MUHAS/JKCI held its inaugural workshop on April 3rd, 2024, marking a significant milestone in healthcare research and patient involvement. The workshop, aimed at fostering collaboration between patients and healthcare workers (HCWs) for the AI4HF project, witnessed active participation from various stakeholders.

The opening of the workshop was graced by Dr. Peter Kisenge, the Executive Director of JKCI, who emphasized the importance of patient-centric healthcare initiatives. Prof. Pilly Chillo, alongside Dr. Jackson Mlay and Dr. Martin Mbwile, outlined the objectives of the workshop, underscoring the pivotal role of patient and HCW engagement in achieving project goals.

With a diverse group of 19 members comprising patients and HCWs, the workshop delved into creating personas to better understand patient and HCW perspectives. Patients highlighted their access to technology, revealing that while mobile phones are prevalent, internet access remains average. Conversely, HCWs showcased a higher level of technological proficiency, with widespread internet access and utilization for professional development.

Key discussions revolved around addressing the technological gap among patients and leveraging HCWs' expertise for enhanced patient care. The session concluded with the Local Group Chair outlining the next steps and tentative dates for future workshops.

Take-home messages:

The groundbreaking involvement of patients in HF research: The establishment of the working group marks a significant step forward in patient engagement, paving the way for inclusive healthcare research.

Enthusiastic engagement fosters success: The active participation of both patients and HCWs underscores a shared commitment to improving patient care and supporting clinical decision-making processes.

The MUHAS/JKCI Local Clinical and Patient Working Group's inaugural workshop sets a promising precedent for collaborative healthcare research, emphasizing the importance of patient-centered approaches in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.